Construction Solutions

You have already encountered our products and services on many occasions without even knowing it: at airport check-in counters, on business trips and during meetings in modern office buildings, at shopping malls, and even on a vacation trip when you safely drive over and through bridges and tunnels we have built to help you reach your destination as quickly as possible.

HOCHTIEF Solutions AG is a service-oriented construction company that combines among other services in one organization the traditional core business areas of the HOCHTIEF Group, thus creating many different types of pleasant places in which to live and work.

Through our various holdings, subsidiaries, branches and branch offices, we maintain an effective presence in Western Europe and the emerging markets of Eastern Europe. Our proximity to all markets in these regions provides our local partners with a competitive edge.

Outside of Europe, we have established ourselves as experts for complex infrastructure and building construction projects. Our increasingly close-knit internal cooperation with other companies in the HOCHTIEF Group also allows us to offer services along the entire construction value chain. HOCHTIEF is thus able to plan, finance, build, and operate its projects throughout all their phases to ensure their success.

The result is added value for our customers and partners.

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